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Assessment Day is Here!!

Inger Taylor

Posted on September 06 2018

Gotta love Miro!

Hello to all you wonderful, beautiful people out there! 


Please send your good vibes, prayers, thoughts… Whatever you may be in to… Sometime between 12 and 2 EST today I will get my formal assessment that determines whether I have to do inpatient rehabilitation or if I can just continue to do a little more time in the normal hospital and get discharged to recover to wait to travel back home!  


Thanks again for all the love, support, prayers, and good vibes!




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  • Sheela: September 06, 2018

    Good Morning Beaitiful 🌼 Here’s hoping that today brings good news and continued improvement. With you in spirit. Love you ♥️

  • Auntie Donna: September 06, 2018

    My Dear Inger,
    I’m addressing your post with my first cup of coffee. You’re one lucky lady. It’s not anyone I share my morning looks with.
    I’ve spent my days with my usual duties. Errands, beading whatever else gets attention.
    This morning first COFFEE. I wanted to make sure when I sent you my thoughts prayers and wishes for your day, that I was part of the picture and not just some idiot with bad breath!
    So my dear, I speak from my heart and soul.
    You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. 🙏❤️💋.
    P.S. this is my second comment! I didn’t think the first one went through. It’s all meant to be sent!!!! Love you!!

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