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Day 4 and Cruising

Inger Taylor

Posted on September 07 2018

It’s day number four since surgery and I’m cruising along. There’s more of the same… Occupational therapy has stopped by and physical therapy has stopped by and I’ve taken walks and climbed stairs.  They are so happy with my strength and my progress that I may actually be able to bust out of here without transferring to inpatient rehab.  I really feel like I’m seriously getting away with something here!


The girls were all able to stop by and visit with me today for a little bit. It was difficult for Vendela and Iona at first. When they visited with me day one, they had to leave the room and both promptly vomited.  Oona and Neve have thankfully been very comfortable hanging out and keeping me company.  My parents have been here and have been helpful and our good family friends have been here as well helping with the kids. My dear friend Sheela flew out specifically to be here for a few days around surgery day.  


Each day feels a little more normal and I feel a little bit more like myself. My body is working hard on healing and now all I need to do is stay out of the way.


Thank you all for your continued love, support, and payers!  Clearly, you’re all rockstars in this department!  What a lucky gal am I?!





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