Day 5 and My Roomie with Syphilis is Finally Gone!

Inger Taylor

Posted on September 09 2018

That’s right.  I said it.  Syphilis.  No, that wasn’t her name.  That’s what she had.  There’s a need to create a feeling of home, peace and tranquility when you’re heading into an uncertain length of hospital stay.  Especially when you’re in a shared room situation.  This is the first time I’ve had to share a room and I’m not a fan.  First of all, it’s hardly sanitary.  I heard the woman’s medical intake next to me, and she’s got syphilis.  The diabetes and high blood pressure I can look past.  Who cares?  But syphilis?  Come on.  I can’t share a bathroom with that.  I come all this way to get spinal cord tumors out only to come down with a nasty case of syphilis?  My first move...change rooms,but no.  There’s no room.  No private rooms to be found.  So, to use the bathroom I have to leave my room to use the bathroom in another room.  How sanitary is that?  I didn’t hear their medical intake.  What if they’ve got something worse?  I’m taking my chances.  Screw it.  Finally, day 5 though, she’s gone and the room has been bleached top to bottom.


Back to this room.  I’m sitting in this hospital room with it’s sterile, ugly environment and I’m thinking if you have to do three or more days in a hospital room, why not try and breath some life into it. Take a look... sad, right?






Okay, even in the most minimal room there’s some shelf space to display a photo or two in a plastic frame and tape up some cards from friends on there family on the sterile white wall.  Bunting anyone? 



Bring on the inspirational quotes.  Paper flowers anyone?  I mean I’ve got four daughters that could bust these out.  Fresh flowers are nice, but they do stink after a while.



Command guard strips, zip ties, removable Velcro for all the annoying things that are constantly falling off the hospital bed. Worried about the residue left behind?  Pick up some Goo Be Gone.  I’m not birthing a baby so it doesn’t need to be an overly calm environment, but easy on the eye with pops of color.  I swear.  As soon as you have your room number, have someone come in and do a mini renovation for you.



Many of the comforts of home have to be left behind.  I’ve been in the uncomfortable hospital gown without a sign of reprieve for quite a while.  They want me to stay in it in case of an emergency situation.  The IVs stay in too for the same reason.  Here are some of my favorite must haves to survive the hospital stay:


Inexpensive non skid disposable slippers are a must though.  Super ugly, but they need to grip well and be something you can absolutely toss in the trash after your stay.



An excellent insulated cup with a flexible straw that enables the hospital to keep track of your fluid intake if necessary,



your favorite lip balm,



facial wipes,



facial spray,






dry shampoo,




and eye drops



I hope you never find yourself recovering in a hospital room, but if you do, make it home... even if just for a little while.  Remember, even the little things can make a big difference.  If you need some help, let me know!  I’ll be there!









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