It’s Go Time!!

Inger Taylor

Posted on September 03 2018

I’ve been waiting for so long to finally have this day arrive and it’s HERE!  It is 12:19am EST on September 4th as I write this and I’m more than ready to get the show started.  

I feel like I’ve traveled so far to get here... literally and figuratively!  I’ve traveled the country to find the right neurosurgeon and I’ve found him. I’ve also been on a wild emotional ride as I’ve learned of my diagnosis and tried to find peace and comfort in the unknown.  What will my neurological function be post surgery and what are these tumors all about anyhow?  

I’m so thankful for each and everyone of you out there that has given me the strength to continue on this journey toward recovery.  Please pray, chant, send positive vibes, anything you’re into, do it!  I’ll be wheeled into the operating room at 7:30am EST this morning.  I promise I’ll come back to you all stronger and healthier than ever.  Like so many of you have reminded me, I’ve got this and you’ve got me.

Updates will be posted here as often as possible!

All my love and gratitude,



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  • wgxnqxjokt: March 11, 2021

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Rebecca Conley: September 05, 2018

    You are such a strong and inspiring woman. I have no doubt you are going to tackle this and continue to be an inspiration to not only your girls but everyone around you. Praying for steady hands and a speedy recovery.

  • Heather Hultgren & Family: September 04, 2018

    Miss you guys and are looking forward to a speedy recovery for you Inger. Your beautiful family will be such a blessing as you gain back your strength and move forward into freedom. Hugs to each of you!

  • Kim Hartley: September 04, 2018

    Prayers, hugs and positive vibes to one of the best moms I know!! Love to the family❤️You’ve got this girl!😘

  • Jeanette and Scott McClintock: September 04, 2018

    Dear Inger,

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you and your beautiful family. Ready to help in any way we can while you recover.

    Hugs and love, Jeanette and Scott

  • David: September 04, 2018

    We love you, Inger!! Hoping and praying for a successful surgery and a strong recovery!

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