Go For It!

Inger Taylor

Posted on May 07 2018

I feel like a cheerleader sometimes.  No, I wasn’t a cheerleader back in the day, but I am today for my girls.  I know my girls have many hopes and dreams and can often get caught up in second guessing themselves and their ability to pursue and achieve their hopes and dreams.  I’m there to cheer them on and remind them they can do anything they want, that anything is possible… assuming it doesn’t hurt them or anyone else.  I spout off all those cheesy one liners that I’m sure completely irritates and annoys them.  Things like, “Believe it and you can achieve it!”  I’m completely incapable of not being encouraging, of not being their cheerleader.  I’m their number one fan!

Funny thing is, they do the same for me.  They will catch me sometimes second guessing myself or my own ability and they call me on it and remind me that I can do it.  We remind each other to go for it, go after it, chase it down, and make it happen.  Whatever it is!  Again, assuming it doesn’t harm anyone.  I’m so appreciative of the support and encouragement all the way around.  I feel so lucky to have them in my life.  I love these little women!  Go for it!



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