Urban ArT in L.A.

Inger Taylor

Posted on November 23 2018

Alec Monopoly, Marilyn Monroe Mural, 2016


Urban art and the concept of impermanent art is such a appealing concept to me.  If you’re a non-committal kind of person, I’m sure you can appreciate this here today and gone tomorrow concept.  Does that make me non-committal?  Not likely, I mean I’ve been married almost 19 years now so I guess I’m okay with committing.  But when it comes to art, I’m okay with being non-committal.  I’ve painted and repainted over canvases many times.  Something old becomes suddenly new again.  When I first start out, I feel a little guilty, like I’m being disloyal to my past or an imprint of me.  The inner dialogue goes like this...


Me to my old self: “I’m sorry, but that painting was shit and you know it.”  

My old self replies: “Screw you... I was into it when I painted it.”  

Me: “it’s time to move on, for a new beginning.”  

Old self: “Ok, I guess you’re right.  It just makes me a little sad that’s all.”  

Me: “You’ll get over it like you always do”

Old self:  “This better be good.”

Me: “Trust me.”


That’s my inner dialogue.  How about the inner dialogue of urban artists and street artists?  I’d love to hear how that goes.  Is that a wee bit conflicted considering they are more than likely obliterating someone else’s creative vision.  The murals throughout L.A. are capturing the hearts and Instagram feeds of many.  People travel from all over to snap a photo of these incredible works of art that can be here today and gone tomorrow.  


Alec Monopoly, Marilyn Monroe Mural, 2016


If you find yourself in the L.A., check out the murals and street art throughout the area.  I happen to love the Melrose murals and street art, but then I guess that might have something to do with my love of design, good eats, and unique shopping spots.


Oona in front of Made in LA


Oona and I with the Pink Wall


No these aren’t murals, but they’re fun spots to take pics.  Okay, okay so you might have to wait your turn to have your photo op moment, but it’s still fun!




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