Peace and Calm

Inger Taylor

Posted on June 12 2018

Art evokes emotion.  Every time I start a new painting, I’m never really sure where it might take me or where I might end up.  One thing is guaranteed, I’ve got a range of emotions in mind for the potential viewer.  Sometimes I want to create something that evokes a feeling of peace and calm.  I want the viewer to walk in to a space and have the artwork influence their mental and physical state.  The shoulders might drop, the breath changes and a sense of calm overwhelms them. 

Color plays a key role in this process, but it’s also how that color is used and applied.  I often find that a monochromatic color scheme does the trick.  Anyone that knows me probably knows I reach for the blues.  I can’t help it.  Not every blue qualifies… don’t misunderstand!  It’s only those special mellow blues out there that make the cut. 

The idea here is I want the art piece to be strong enough to be seen, but not heard.  That might sound terrible, but if the objective is peace and calm, why not?  It goes back to the concept of less is more.  Keep it simple and all will be calm.  Unless, of course, you step foot through the front door of Taylor Trove! 

Four girls, two dogs, and one bunny makes for a crazy, chaotic experience.  They keep me on my painting toes.  Bring on the mellow blues!!



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