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Inger Taylor

Posted on December 01 2018

Trying to dive into the holiday spirit?  Me too!  Follow along to make these FUN and EASY DIY paper Christmas ornaments.  No, really, I’m being serious.  They really are fun and easy.  Anyone can make these... even the crafting impaired.  Get the kids in the mix on this one!  If your kids are really young, no biggie!  With a little prep work, even the youngest can get in on the action.



Time: 30 minutes



Heavy card stock, scrap booking paper, old Christmas cards




Glue Stick

Fishing line or other cording/twine



I used an old watercolor painting, but any heavy card stock will work.  



Trace eight circles that are the same size.  You don’t need a stencil, but it makes it a bit easier.  I used a blue colored pencil because the paint was blue, but a normal pencil is great.  



Cut out the circles.  Will you get a hand cramp?  Maybe, but it’s worth it!



Fold each circle in half, paint side facing in.



Glue the plain side of two circles together.  Continue until all eight circles are complete and form a ball.





Route fishing line through center hole, tie, and hang!





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