About Inger Larson

My art is intended to evoke emotion and make you feel something. What that might be is entirely up to you. Every painting is an organic process that starts with a rough idea that takes on its own shape and feel. I trust the intuitive creative process and let the painting evolve and guide me. I never really know where it’ll end up. I paint what feels good to me, what moves me. My joy is sharing my painting with you. Enjoy!

xoxo, Inger


Inger Larson (b.1974) is a contemporary abstract artist that has been painting for 25 years. Inger is known for her organic, intuitive style that is predominately calm and serene, yet at times, can be bold and colorful.  The creative process guides her as she creates both large and small scale works. Primarily self taught, she has taken several art and design courses that have given her a solid foundation and also has lead to the constant evolution of her work. Inger embraces the destabilization journey while painting through accidents, mistakes, and transformations with the intention to envelop the viewer and evoke emotion with the finished product.

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Inger’s work is primarily influenced by the oceans, mountains, and deserts of Southern California.  Daily walks, hikes, and trips to the beach bathe her with inspiration and boundless creativity for current and future works.

Inger earned her BA and M.Ed. from The Pennsylvania State University.  She lives and works in Carlsbad, California and shares her life with her four daughters and three dogs.