Cheering on 3 Day Walkers

Inger Taylor

Posted on November 18 2018


Here’s the thing... no, I can’t walk 60 miles right now in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk, but I can try to cheer the walkers on!  I hope we were more encouraging than annoying.  I can only speculate because most walkers were focused on walking rather than providing cheering feedback between gasps for air.  We were perched on a steep hill where, if I were walking, I’d actually have to take a time out and sit down in front of the candy table and stuff myself, but these people powered it out.  It was really inspiring to see people walking with conviction and purpose for a cause that each and every one of them is deeply passionate about.


Of course, I thought Oona and I could take some time between the cheering to talk about these people and the cause they’re supporting.  We’ve had family and dear friends impacted by breast cancer and it’s reach is devastating.  Ok, so pretty much anything I said Oona was replied with, “Duh, Mom!  I knew that.  I’m not stupid.”  I know she’s not stupid, but a reminder to appreciate what these people are doing and why they’re doing it is completely worth a “duh, Mom!”


For more information on the 3 Day Walk, please visit


Thanks to all the “walkers for knockers” that were out there making a difference!




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