Knots of Love

Inger Taylor

Posted on March 04 2018

50 and still knitting.  No, I’m not 50,… yet… but we’ve knitted 50 caps over the course of a year.  An expert knitter, I am not.  Even though I may not be an expert knitter, I am capable of knitting basic caps for Knots of Love for babies, children, and adults to “warm their hearts and heads.”  It’s not just me… the girls get in on the action.  Oona is the most active knitter of the bunch.  She doesn’t just lounge while she binge watches Netflix, she knits while she does it.  Do I finish a hat in a single sitting?  No, I don’t, but Oona does. 

Me, I work on a hat over time.  There’s always a few minutes here or there to work a bit on a hat.  When I finish a hat, I like to give it a little pat and wish the special, wonderful person that receives it some comfort, warmth, and joy.  After all, I would hope there would be someone out there that would do the same for any of us.  Give it a try – I think you’ll like it! 





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