Why My Love Affair with Oils Began

Inger Taylor

Posted on May 25 2018

I had painted with acrylics forever.  I was comfortable with acrylics.  I liked everything about acrylics.  I loved how vibrant the colors were, how easily they blended, and their fast dry time.  As I continued to paint and have more girls, I had less time to dedicate to a specific piece.  I wanted and needed to buy more time, so I decided to foray into oils. 

What began as I brief roll with oil paints, developed in to a full-blown love affair.  Oils gave me the time I needed to work with a piece until I felt satisfied.  I could walk away and come back to work without feeling rushed.  If I had a false start, it was possible to go back and rework with ease.  Oils were forgiving and patient.

Is one better than another?  Not necessarily.  I love them both, but my preference is dictated by the idea I’ve got brewing and what medium is best suited for the job.  No matter the medium, I’ll keep on painting!



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