Always Say Goodbye!

Inger Taylor

Posted on June 02 2018

It takes two seconds… so do it already!  My girls, each one, as they’ve gotten older, have somehow forgotten to say goodbye to their momma.  I have no idea what it is or why it is, but it just doesn’t seem as important as it did not that long ago.  The only one that still gives a rip is Vendela, the five-year-old… damn it, six-year-old.  That means I’m older, too.  Funny how that works.  Anyhow, she does.  She likes a hug, a kiss, and an I love you when we part ways.  Okay, so, Iona, the nine-year-old, is starting to taper.  Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t say goodbye.  Straight up, the 11-year-old and 13-year-old are apparently way too cool for that.  That’s my assumption.

That’s where I’ve gone wrong… why assume?  So, I asked the question… why no goodbyes?  Oona, the 13-year-old said she didn’t know why.  She’s busy, she’s in a hurry, etc.  All lame excuses.  She told me she doesn’t like to say “I love you” so casually.  What the?!  Is she kidding about that one?  No way!  I told her there is implied meaning behind the quick I love you that’s said when you’re walking out the door.

Neve, the 11-year-old is way too cool.  Can’t possibly be seen or heard saying goodbye.  It’s a covert op as she makes her get away.  Why do they care?  All the 11-year-old people are in the same boat so why should they care?!  Maybe I should be asking why they don’t care so much?!  I swear I’m going to start charging for rides to school in the morning if she doesn’t start saying goodbye.

Say goodbye… a hug, a kiss, and an I love you take no time and make all the difference.  What if I walk out the door tomorrow and get hit by a bus?  What if one of them gets hit by a bus?  The point is, I know they would regret forever not doing that one little thing… one little goodbye can make all the difference.  It takes two seconds… so do it already!





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