Tenacious Taylor Girls

Inger Taylor

Posted on October 27 2018


As a mother of four girls, top of mind is raising girls that have the tenacity to successfully navigate this completely insane world we live in.  My girls need to have the persistence and determination to chase down their dreams and not be dissuaded when they encounter various road blocks along the way.



I have always told my girls they have the ability to achieve whatever they set their minds to... assuming it doesn’t hurt them or anyone else along the way.  I mean, come on, it’s not like I’m actively encouraging them to pursue anything and everything regardless of the potential harm and pain they might cause along the way.  No way.  That’s not how we roll.  They are encouraged to be thoughtful and considerate along the way.  After all, we all create a ripple effect, and as their mother, I hope that their ripple effect has a positive impact.



All this being said, some of my girls are starting to think I’m completely full of it.  Damn it.... already?!  Shouldn’t this happen a little later?!!  Our family has hit some hard times recently.  We’ve had our share of personal struggles and I keep telling the girls along the way that things will get better.  So why are they thinking I’m full of it?  They aren’t seeing it get better fast enough.  They aren’t seeing instant gratification.  They are doubting me and have asked, “How are we supposed to believe you?  When are things going to be better?”


I might not have the answers they want to hear, but I offer them reassurance and encouragement to remain persistent and determined to keep on keeping on.  The thing is, we can either sit down in this shit, or we can stand up and keep moving forward until the stench of the shit is so faint we don’t smell it anymore.  Eventually, we’ll hit the rose garden and the stench of that shit will be a distant memory.  I tell my girls with each step, things are getting better.  Slow and steady?  Yes, but who cares if it’s slow and steady though?  It will get better because we’re not sitting down.  We’re going to keep on keeping on.




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