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Simple, Coastal Beachy Vibe

Inger Taylor

Posted on June 03 2018

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California.  My childhood revolved around the beach, the sand, and the sea.  The smell and taste of salty sea air was a constant in my daily life along with bare feet.  Our family of six lived in a four-bedroom, two bath home that was 1,300 square feet and less than a mile from the beach.  Life was modest and simple with a coastal, beachy vibe. 

I’ve never drifted too far from the coast throughout my life and I’ve always loved interiors that emanate a coastal, beachy vibe.  It was just last week I stumbled upon a Newport Beach based interior designer that embodies the simple, coastal, beachy vibe that speaks to me.  Raili Clasen’s  aesthetic is clean, fresh, simple, and bright… everything the coast should be.  I fell in love with her Peninsula Point project featured in Coastal Living and became an instant fan.  1,650 square feet never looked so good and I think you’ll agree. 

Take a look and you too will be able to smell the salty sea air!



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